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Strategic Initiative Execution

Visionera assists in executing strategic initiatives through a special blend of skills and approach. We apply resources with a broad skill set that spans Strategy, Management, Business Process, Information Technology and Project Management. Because every resource has this skill set we don't staff projects with a big team of individual specialists that cost us and our clients more money.

In addition, our approach is different. Because we have a smaller profile we can more easily navigate larger organizations and blend in better with smaller organizations. Our approach to projects gets every business layer aligned and focused.Our Strategic Initiative Execution offering comprises in part the following skills/services.

Strategy Alignment

Visionera can help translate corporate strategy into departmental strategy and action plans. We can help align these sub-strategies so they all drive to and enable the overall strategy. Back to top.

Strategic I.T. Plan Development

It is essential that supporting I.T. infrastructure and strategy align with business strategy today and tomorrow. Visionera can help drive business insight into scalable I.T. plans that ensure they resonate with the business strategy. Back to top.

Management Analysis and Decision Support

Visionera understands that strategic initiatives need to be supported by hard numbers in today's economy. We can research business problems, synthesize the data and produce data driven recommendations. Back to top.

Business Process Analysis/Design

Business processes must be efficient and scalable, driving toward overall vision. Visionera can create new processes, analyze existing processes and streamline information, financial, workflow and I.T. processes into a resonating synergy to drive business forward efficiently maximizing existing assets. Back to top.

Project Management

All the great skills above are ineffective unless harnessed and focused in an organized manner. Visionera has great skill in chartering, and management complex projects. We use successful methodologies to drive the project milestones and critical paths. Back to top.

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