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Visionera helps our clients to enable strategy. Simply put we are Strategic Project Managers. As mission critical strategy leaves the planning stage and starts to take on physical form, Visionera can help prioritize, align, plan and execute your strategic initiatives. We understand today's vision owners are pressed for time and they cannot offer the minimum 50% attention to their critical projects that is required for success.

Because we understand the strategy layer in the business design we can effectively translate it into business process, I.T. requirements and workflows that deliver the value of your vision. We work side by side with you and your team to enable the strategy components. Visionera resources have skills and experience at each of the four layers of business design (Strategy, Management, Business Process, and I.T.) as well as a critical fifth skill set, Project Management. Due to this encompassing skill and experience set Visionera can work side by side with staff at each of your business layers from Strategy down to I.T. developers to ensure the value capture is maintained in project execution.

Visionera's Primary Services
Strategic Initiative Execution, Strategy Alignment, Strategic I.T. Plan Development, Management Analysis and Decision Support, Business Process Analysis/Design, Project Management, Search Engine Ranking Report and Website Hosting.

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6/1/2008 - Web Hosting Now Available

6/10/2008 - Introducting: Web Rank Report

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